Wind Load Garage Doors

Now you can choose your favorite Wayne Dalton garage door with wind load rated reinforcements and impact resistance to keep your home safe.

Residential garage door models that can be upgraded with wind load reinforcements:

Garage doors that do more

A new garage door can elevate your home’s character and functionality in boundless ways. Not only do our Wayne Dalton products exude style and curb appeal, but they can also help boost your home’s thermal efficiency. Plus, our smart technology openers, and accessories offer the best in security and convenience.

How to choose the right garage door

It’s not every day your home gets a facelift, and you want to make the right decision. Several factors determine which garage door is best for you:

  • Material: what works well with the climate in my area?
  • Design: What best complements my home?
  • Price: What price range am I comfortable with?


Wayne Dalton Garage Doors boasts one of the largest residential product lines in the industry, with plenty of options to customize your garage door. NationServe’s team of professionals is here to help you through the purchase and installation process.




From smart technology to traditional wall-mounted fixtures, getting in and out of your garage is more convenient than ever with Genie garage door openers and accessories.

W-RD-9800-Horiz V-Groove-Nat Oak-Vert Lites


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