Contemporary Aluminum Garage Doors

Contemporary Aluminum garage doors make a bold statement, creating a sleek and trendy style that appeals to homeowners and designers alike. Our bold fusion of aluminum and glass effortlessly and instantly improves curb appeal.

Wayne Dalton’s Contemporary Aluminum doors come in finishes and glass options, all crafted to modernize the look of your garage. These garage doors offer sleek style for those looking to bring the outdoors in. This door is a contemporary statement piece that can make all the difference between a cookie cutter house and home that truly stands out.

Why choose contemporary aluminum

Built to function just as well as other types of doors, aluminum garage doors are a great way to transform your garage into a stunning conversation piece.

  • Adds modern appeal to your garage and home
  • Provide privacy with our tinted glass options
  • Insulated rails and stiles can help improve thermal efficiency
  • Do not require extensive maintenance

Boost your curb appeal

Aside from adding style and light to your garage, modern aluminum garage doors are also a great investment to increase your home’s value. If you still aren’t sure if glass is the right option for you, try it out on your home using our Garage Door Design Center to see how much you love it.



From smart technology to traditional wall-mounted fixtures, getting in and out of your garage is more convenient than ever with Genie garage door openers and accessories.

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